The Lighthouse saved my life when I’d already given up hope. I’d been in and out of treatment my whole life, but never felt like I was ever getting to the bottom of what was causing my behaviour and why I couldn’t stop. I would sometimes spend so long in rehab that I’d go through the same program two or three times. I remember feeling so relieved in those first few days at the Lighthouse, because I finally felt like I was getting somewhere. Their staff are simply incredible. They created a recovery plan specifically for me, taking into account what I needed. They worked so hard to help me heal after so many years of misery, and it’s because of them that I finally began to make progress in my recovery. Since leaving, I feel like I’ve been given another chance at living a clean and happy life.
I went to the lighthouse when I was 29 after having abused drugs and alcohol for most of my life. I was in and out of hospital and had wanted to stop for years but couldn't. My experience of the light house was brilliant and a turning point for me. The staff were very caring, understanding and easy to talk to. The food was great and my counselor was very supportive and helped me understand myself and what I was feeling. I left Lighthouse and so far have stayed clean and have started volunteering at a recovery service to help others suffering from addiction. My relationships with my family are also the best they have ever been.
CR 31
Patient Welwyn Garden City
My family and I met with the staff at the Lighthouse and I could see a glimmer of hope. The staff were genuine, normal people and I felt they cared. Two days later and I was sat in the admission process. I'd been to war but entering treatment petrified me. I felt so alone, hopeless and nervous but the whole process was explained thoroughly to me. It took a few days but I started to settle in. Looking back, the staff new exactly where I was in my recovery and I wasn't judged. The level of care, professionalism and knowledge of recovery was exceptional. I was broken, hopeless and now I'm writing this 324 days clean, I have a job and a relationship with my family. My life is coming back together but more importantly I have found an inner peace and contentedness. I have completely lost the obsession to use drugs and alcohol and now see life in a completely different context. Most importantly I'm internally happy.
The Lighthouse is a truly special place which without a doubt saved my life. Every single member of the Lighthouse team is professional, personable and offers outstanding person-centred care & support. The counselling offered is second to none. It isn’t just regurgitated from a textbook. The team leverage their own personal experience to make the 28 day program relatable and accessible, which made me feel like I wasn’t alone. They promote connection, open-mindedness and willingness, alongside challenging in the right way where necessary to motivate me to be vulnerable and face in-to my defects of character, which played such a huge part in my addiction. I finally hit rock bottom and the Lighthouse showed me there was hope. I am now over 100 days clean and feeling true internal happiness for the first time in my entire life, and I cannot thank the team at the Lighthouse enough.
AJ 35
Patient Southend-on-Sea
I was in the LH for 28 days. Staff were very supportive, patient and knowledgeable, I liked that a number themselves were in recovery and were happy to share their own experiences. The facilities were good and my room was comfortable. Having the time away from my home environment was really important and gave me the kick start I needed in my recovery. Food was excellent and kitchen was well stocked. Therapy was very good, 2 group sessions a day plus the course work/presentations on different subjects which I found very helpful and educational in examining what was going on for me and the reasons why I drank. Being in the LH was a very positive experience for me and gave me the right start in my recovery, I would absolutely recommended the LH to anyone who is struggling with addiction and wants to start their recovery in the best possible way.
AW 43
Patient Hockley
I couldn’t stop drinking and using drugs, was homeless and living a dangerous lifestyle. I knew there was a solution but couldn’t do it on my own. After hearing good things about the lighthouse I was ready to change, ready for help. The Lighthouse was excellent, they met my individual needs like I've never experienced in a rehab before. I loved the staff, friendly helpful and understanding as a lot of them were in recovery themselves so could empathise. The food was really tasty, the chef was great, she was lovely. The therapy was brilliant I learnt a lot during my time there helping me learn how to live again. I've used the tools and everything I've learnt, staying clean and sober for a year now.
SN 34
I had been using drugs from my early teens and fell into a life of addiction. Throughout my 20’s, 30’s & 40’s I had a trail of broken relationships, lost opportunity’s, and a heartbroken family. Periods where I substituted or swapped drugs I failed miserably ending back where I started. When I arrived at The Lighthouse I was completely broken, I was petrified of the detox process, and the thought of living without substances terrified me. On the first day my mind was completely put at ease, I was assessed by the psychiatrist and reassured that the detox would be gentle. On completing the detox, I was amazed at how pain free it actually was. The team really know what they are doing, and the fact that a lot of them have been there themselves filled with confidence. I learnt so much from the therapy, I laughed, I cried and most importantly learnt how to express how I feel. The food was faultless, the rooms were clean and comfortable, I literally cannot fault the place. I have been out of The Lighthouse for 18 months, I now have fulltime employment supporting others in addiction, I have my own flat, and I have my family back in my life.
KF 46
Patient Essex
Upon arriving at The Lighthouse the staff are all so welcoming and made me settle in very well and assisted with my severe anxiety. The staff all believed in me, had faith in me and built up my self-esteem. All staff are very professional and know what they are talking about. It might not feel or seem like it at the exact moment in time, but I know through my own experience to listen and on reflection their advice and topics of discussion hit home. I was always allowed to go at my own pace to what felt right for me as the staff are aware everyone is different, taking everything Step by Step. My therapy included daily group sessions, counselling (with a variety of counsellors), Zoom meetings with AA / NA / CA (as COVID restrictions had stopped external face to face meetings), Meditation, Yoga, varied tasks counsellors request that are tailored to each individual. Since leaving the Lighthouse I have continued in my recovery and have gained 8 months sobriety and as time goes on I am finding this being easier. The Lighthouse also offers excellent aftercare that I attended a few times. I cannot express how thankful I am for The Lighthouse being there, listening and providing the support I so desperately needed to save my life.
MW 47
Patient Essex

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