Cost of addiction treatment

People often put off seeking help because of the cost of addiction treatment. Paying for rehab is considered a financial burden for some, however, at Step-By-Step Recovery we aim to provide the best quality of care at affordable prices so that this doesn’t have to be a concern.

What’s included in the cost of addiction treatment?

The cost of your stay will depend on the level of treatment you require, and our admissions team will discuss this with you in detail during your initial phone enquiry. At Step-by-Step Recovery there are no hidden fees involved in our service. We are a fully residential rehab clinic, which means everything we provide is included in the overall cost. The following is included in the price you pay:

  • Medications and medical assessment
  • Treatment therapies
  • Nutritious meals cooked by our in-house chefs
  • Lifetime aftercare

The quickest and most efficient way to secure immediate treatment is by funding it yourself. However, we realise that each person’s situation is different, which is why we do all we can to assist you when it comes to paying for rehab.

Payment plans
We want as many individuals to benefit from our services as possible, so if paying for treatment upfront is a concern for you, you can call us to discuss payment plans. A payment deposit for two weeks is required before you’re admitted to our clinic. Once that has been paid, we can arrange instalment plans to cover the remaining cost of your treatment and you always have the option of extending your stay with us at any time. Once that has been paid, we can spread the remaining costs over the duration of your stay, for example an addition payment prior to week 2, and prior to week 6.

Payment methods
We require a deposit to be paid before your arrival, this allows us to reserve a place for you, so you’ll be able to settle in and see the doctor straight away. Payment can be made by credit or debit card over the phone or in-person at our premises.

When do I pay?
During the admission process, you will have an initial phone call with one of our team who will take you through your treatment options and answer any questions you have regarding our clinic and treatment programme. During this consultation, we will take a deposit to secure your place in our facility. The next stage is a pre-admissions consultation, carried out by our experienced admissions team. If following this examination, you are deemed unfit to attend rehab for any reason, your deposit will be refunded in full.

If you would like an instant quote or have any questions about our clinic, please get in touch. Our phone lines operate 24/7 and we’d be happy to advise you on a suitable programme which meets both your treatment needs and financial budget.

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