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At Step by Step Recovery, we know drug addiction and drug treatment like no other rehab in London. We offer personalised, exceptional care in our purpose-built clinic and treat all drugs using medical and psychological therapy second to none. In addition to our medical drug detox, intensive therapy and addiction aftercare program, our team of addiction counsellors create bespoke recovery plans for every client. 

Our clients come from various backgrounds and all walks of life, so we know that experiences with addiction differ. To guarantee that each of our clients receives the care and support they require, we only have 11 clients in our drug rehab any one time.

A Safe Place For Drug Addiction Recovery

The Lighthouse Clinic is a fully residential rehab centre close to London, in a tranquil setting, specialising in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. We aim to provide exceptional and affordable addiction treatment for those who need it. We have helped hundreds of people find a new way to live through our effective and solution-focused therapy at our private rehab centres. Our ongoing recovery programmes after drug and alcohol rehab give our clients the support to continue their sobriety. Anyone seeking residential rehab will find that we have put every effort into creating a safe and comfortable environment to allow our clients to focus solely on their recovery.

In addition to our excellent standard of care, our proximity to central London makes us one of the first choices for anyone seeking addiction treatment services in and around London.

When choosing a rehab, be sure to find out what options are available to you. Many people assume that private rehab is their only choice. However, while it is considered the most effective, it is only one of several treatment methods. The main types of drug addiction treatment are private rehab and free services. Not everyone will be able to commit to private rehab, which is why the NHS provides free drug and alcohol services to anyone who needs them.

How Does Private Rehab Work?

Typically residential rehab combines a medical detox with intensive therapy sessions. Each day is structured to combat the physical aspects of addiction as well as mental health issues that might be a contributing factor..

Contacting a private addiction treatment centre is your first real step towards recovery. After your telephone consultation, you will usually be given your admittance date. To prepare for your admittance, you will require clothes, personal essentials and any other effects you would like to take with you for your stay.

On arrival, a medical assessment will be taken where you will need to provide further details about your addiction. This is essential so that the doctor knows which medications to prescribe and the dose you require to help you cope with withdrawal symptoms.

If you have attempted to detox from drugs previously, you may have had these feelings or symptoms already, which is why the risk of relapse is particularly high during this stage. Detoxification occurs when the body begins to rid itself of the build-up of harmful toxins after periods of drug abuse. These toxins include traces of drugs that are still in your system. Detox occurs naturally as your brain and body try to adjust to the absence of drugs. As a result, you may experience some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, most of which can be managed by the medication you will be prescribed.

The detox process is a crucial part of addiction therapy and with medical assistance, withdrawal symptoms can be regulated to ensure they are not unbearable. However, maintaining long-term sobriety becomes increasingly difficult without psychological treatment. Once you are physically well enough, you can participate in addiction counselling and therapy. This will include group and one-to-one sessions that aim to explore any possible factors that may have contributed to addiction.

A supervised drug detox paired with intensive treatment is widely considered the safest and most successful type of drug rehab available in terms of positive outcomes. At Step by Step Recovery, our evidence-based therapy has proven to be a greatly effective treatment in helping to treat addiction and maintain long-term recovery from addiction.

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Addiction Treatment Options

Understanding private rehab and alternative free addiction treatment options can help you decide which treatment is right for your circumstances.

The most obvious difference between private and free treatment for addiction is that private rehab is self-funded and can be arranged quickly, while addiction treatment provided by the NHS may have long wait times for residential rehab.

As you will know, addiction to alcohol and drugs can have a devastating impact on your finances, which is why most people won’t even consider the possibility of treatment. However, you don’t need to let cost put you off getting the help you need.

Local councils and charities run many free drug addiction services. These drug and alcohol rehab clinics provide detox medications, support groups and relapse prevention classes. Although individualised care will not be the same as attending a private rehab, they are a good alternative option for anyone who cannot fund or commit to private treatment.

Our brand promise

At Step-by-Step Recovery, we are dedicated to providing the very best quality of care for each and every one of our clients and our ultimate goal is to provide you with the tools you need to maintain a clean and sober life free from drug addiction.

Outpatient vs Inpatient Drug Rehab in London

Inpatient and outpatient rehab services are both very effective and provide useful alternatives for people who cannot commit to residential treatment and those with family or work obligations.

Both inpatient and outpatient drug addiction programmes use a combination of traditional and holistic therapies. However, inpatient rehab treatment requires you to stay at the centre for the duration of your recovery programme. The benefits of inpatient treatment should not be overlooked, particularly by those suffering from severe addictions. Being removed from external triggers and access to drugs and alcohol can dramatically decrease the chance of relapse, resulting in positive success rates for many of those who attend a private rehab.

On the other hand, an outpatient program is designed to allow greater flexibility to those with work, family or child care obligations. The main advantage of outpatient treatment is that you return home at the end of each day. How frequently you will have to attend addiction treatment will depend on your level of dependence and the length of the drug and alcohol rehab programme.

How Much Does Rehab in London Cost?

The cost of rehab pales in comparison to the true cost of drug and alcohol addiction. While the thought of funding treatment may be off-putting for many people, the alternative could end up costing you more in other ways. The cost of private rehab programmes in London can vary greatly depending on the location of the clinic, its facilities and the length of your recovery programme. An average residential rehab stay in London typically lasts about 28 days. Some people will stay for less time, typically around 14 days, and others for longer. This is decided on a case-by-case basis, and the time you spend at rehab will depend on the severity of your addiction. You will need enough time to complete your detox and take part in various therapies that are integral in helping heal the psychological and physical aspects of addiction.

Currently there are no free residential rehabs available in London, however, waiting to be referred for treatment through the NHS is an option. There are also many other free recovery services provided by London councils. These services involve:

  • Group work
  • One-to-one key working
  • Recovery planning
  • Counselling
  • Family support
  • Parenting support
  • Drug detoxification
  • Access to residential rehabilitation placement
  • BBV testing and vaccination
  • Peer-to-peer support
  • Support to access education, training and employment programmes

What You Get with Our Private Treatment

At Step by Step Recovery, we aim to provide people with affordable treatment for alcohol and drug addiction without compromising on the standard and quality of our care. We want our clients to know that we offer so much more than detox and a room. At our private rehab clinic, you will benefit from:

Instant admissions – We understand how terrible living with addiction is, and we can facilitate immediate admissions, provided we have a bed available.

All-inclusive – There are no hidden fees to worry about during your residential rehab, and everything is included in the cost you are given upfront. This consists of a medically supervised detox and all the treatment therapies and activities we provide, plus nutritious meals every day.

Around-the-clock care – Our dedicated staff are on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When in our residential rehab, we will make sure that you have the dedicated support you need at all times during your treatment program.

Bespoke drug addiction treatment to suit your needs – Every client is different, which means their experiences with addiction will be too. Therefore, at The Lighthouse, our experienced team of counsellors and therapists take the time to understand each person’s situation and create a treatment plan based on their individual needs. This ensures that every client receives the most effective, personalised treatment possible.

Holistic and recreational therapies – In addition to traditional therapies, you are allowed to participate in recreational activities to help with the psychological factor of addiction.

Nutritious meals – Good nutrition is essential to the treatment process. Our in-house chefs are on hand each day, cooking fresh, homemade meals and catering to all dietary requirements, including vegan and any food allergies.

Lifetime addiction aftercare – All clients who complete our treatment programme are eligible for free lifetime aftercare. This includes workshops, group therapy sessions and ongoing support and advice to help you maintain sobriety.

We are proud to say that each client receives a bespoke treatment plan specifically tailored to their individual needs. Our team works tirelessly to identify and evaluate any contributing factors to addiction. We work with you to overcome these hurdles, giving you the tools you need to live a life free from addiction.

In addition to traditional addiction treatment, we offer a range of holistic therapies. Addiction is a complex disease, and we firmly believe that treatment should target all aspects, including the mind, body and spirit.

All of the therapies we provide are adapted to meet the various needs of each of our clients. During your treatment you will have access to:

Relapse prevention – addresses high-stress and high-risk situations that could trigger substance abuse.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – talking therapy to help you identify and change destructive thought patterns and develop coping skills.
One-to-one counselling – talking therapy focusing on your feelings and emotions.
Group therapy – led by a therapist, you share your experiences and receive feedback in a supportive and safe environment.
Process therapy – focuses on targeting multiple problems and helps develop greater resilience to future stressors.
Mindfulness and meditation
12-Step therapy – is provided in group therapy and leads you through treatment with a guiding 12-step programme.
SMART group access – SMART stands for Self Management and Recovery Training held in groups led by a therapist.
Beach walks and mindful fitness – teach how to enjoy nature and fitness to become conscious and remain present.
Art therapy – provides another way to be present and positively express emotions to increase feelings of well-being.
Yoga – a technique that uses a series of yoga poses, breathing techniques and meditation.
Psychotherapy – a structured talking therapy that looks at underlying causes of thoughts and behaviours and how to address them.
Person-centred therapy approach – is a non-directive approach to help explore emotions and increase self-understanding of personal potential.
Recreational activities and relaxation – to increase self-motivation and decrease feelings of stress and anxiety.
Life skills – to individually address practical, social and communication skills that need to be developed to support a life of sobriety.
Nutrition – balanced nutrition supports the body and mind to gain the most from all aspects of addiction treatment.
In-house inspirational recovery shares – uplifting personal accounts of treatment and recovery.
In-house family interventions – enable communication and understanding and build and repair relationships with family.

To ensure your time with us is as pleasant as possible, we also provide social activities, many of which contribute to the recovery process and can even accelerate it. These activities include group walks, team games, film nights, and family visits.

Additional information and resources

Narcotics Anonymous – Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a 12-step program where people who are addicted to drugs can find recovery support. It is a group for people recovering from drug addiction to help each other pursue healthy choices. The NA literature describes it as a program “for addicts who wish to pursue and maintain a drug-free lifestyle.

Smart Recovery – UK SMART Recovery is a charity that promotes choice in recovery through a network of mutual-aid meetings and online training programmes with comprehensive teaching materials and manuals. The programme teaches self-empowering skills to help people abstain from addictive behaviour and develop a lifestyle that supports sustained recovery.

At Step by Step Recovery, we offer free advice on treating addiction. We exist to provide professional treatment and non-judgemental support to help individuals beat addiction permanently. Please complete our online assessment form or call our understanding team on 0800 170 1222 for free, confidential advice about addiction treatment in London or at our residential rehab in Essex, to help you or a loved one.

Getting to The Lighthouse Clinic

The Lighthouse clinic is conveniently situated on the outskirts of London, just over one hour away by train from Central London with Shoeburyness train station just a short walk from our premises.

1A, The Lighthouse,
Southchurch Ave,
Southend-on-Sea SS3 9BA

We also have two appointment-only consultation offices based in London:

Step-by-Step Recovery Rehab London
39 Harley Street, London

Nearest station: Oxford Street

Step-by-Step Drug & Alcohol Rehab
5-7 Cranwood St, Hoxton, London

Nearest station: Old Street

We also provide a transport service which collects clients and escorts them to our treatment centre. This is an additional service, the cost of which is calculated according to mileage.


Our admissions staff will take you through a phone consultation to find out more about your addiction and whether you are eligible for rehab. If your needs are especially complex or your health has deteriorated rapidly you may require a hospital stay.
Stopping drugs does not mean your addiction has been treated. Addiction is far more complex than this and requires psychological therapy in order to deal with the underlying issues contributing to addiction. If you have the desire to live a life free from alcohol or drug addiction, then you should consider the possibility of rehab.
To make drug rehab more accessible, there are different payment options available. Depending on your provider, you can pay for drug rehab through private medical insurance or fund the treatment yourself. Many rehabs allow you to set up payment plans if you can’t afford to pay for treatment all at once.
After years of active addiction, toxins build up in the body. When you stop taking your substance of choice, the body tries to adjust without the presence of drugs or alcohol and begins the natural process of detoxification to flush the body of these toxins, causing withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the substance you’re taking, withdrawal symptoms can be extremely unpleasant, which is why a medically supervised detox in a rehab facility is advised.
Most rehabs have family visiting days which allow you to visit your loved ones during their stay. Each facility will have its own set of rules surrounding visiting days so it’s best to contact the clinic directly to find out what these are.

At Step by Step Recovery, we know that recovery truly begins once you leave rehab. After receiving care and support 24/7, going back into society will come as a shock, and this is why we provide ongoing support with a free aftercare programme. Our aftercare team is available to give advice and support in the form of group therapy sessions and relapse prevention workshops. This scheme is offered to all clients who complete a minimum four-week treatment plan with us.

Watching a loved one suffering from addiction is devastating, and family members often feel helpless and don’t know where to begin when it comes to seeking help. If you’re looking for addiction treatment near London, we are here to help make the process easier. We are in an ideal location with London only a 30-minute drive away from our facility. To arrange an admission, simply give us a call on 0800 1701222 and we can talk you through the next steps.

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Page revised in March 2023, by Danielle Byatt, a Level 4 addictions counselling, Level 5 in Leadership & Management, BA applied social work. and Treatment Director at Step by Step Recovery.

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