Our Facilities

At Step By Step Recovery, we have taken care of every detail to ensure that your stay with us is as comfortable as possible.
We offer a very high standard of accomodation and living at an affordable price. Everything at our residential Lighthouse rehab is freshly renovated to the highest modern specification, and includes the following facilities.

Our Bedrooms

11 beds in total bedrooms of varying cost
3 twin rooms for same sex sharers with own ensuite facilities
3 private single rooms with easy access to shared bathroom and shower facilities
2 luxury private single rooms with ensuite facilities of shower and toilet

All bedrooms are decorated to a high standard and have a high specification of furniture included; they are bright, light, airy and very comfortable

We have taken into account that some clients may wish to have more luxurious facilities than others and this is why we have a number of bedroom options available. The bedrooms do vary in price, so that our treatment is accessible by all.
We only take private clients currently, as prefer to keep our standard of living and our counsellor to client ratio high; providing you with the best possible treatment experience.

Disabled Facilities

We are able to accommodate clients with mobility issues, where low levels of personal care are required. We have a downstairs ensuite bedroom for those that struggle with stairs or that require walking aids.
If you have any questions regarding your mobility and how we can help accommodate you, please call and speak to us prior to booking.

Our Living Quarters

The Lighthouse rehab offers three spacious living spaces, all equipped with smart televisions and comfortable seating. This allows our clients a choice of rooms to relax in.
Our main group room is airy and comfortable and doubles as a relaxation area in the evenings. We also have a dedicated relaxation room, equipped with comfortable bean bags, so our clients can refelect, socialise, or watch TV if they wish.
We also have a large open plan state of the art dining area; again, this provide our clients with a choice of where they wish to spend their time in the evenings.
There is also an array of books, board games and art materials available. Addiction leads to unhealthy isolation, so we encourage our clients to socialise in the evenings and embrace different ways of relaxing and enjoying themselves.


Our resident chef works in a state of the art kitchen and prides himself on his high standards of hygiene and cooking. All meals are freshly prepared on site using local produce. Physical recovery starts with good nutrition to help repair the body and provide the brain with energy.
All clients will meet with the chef on admission, to discuss any special dietary requirements.
We ensure that all of our meals are delicious and nutritious and cater for special dietary requirements and preferences.
In the case of a client having a dual diagnosis eating disorder, we will factor their eating plan into their overall treatment programme. All clients are assessed by a qualified doctor on admission and any nutritional deficiencies will be addressed through a well balanced diet and nutritional supplements, where necessary.


The Lighthouse has its own attractive and well maintained garden for clients to relax in and take breaks in the fresh sea air.
Our garden provides seating areas and space for reflection. We also have a keen gardener amongst our therapists, who regularly tends to the garden. For clients who enjoy gardening, they are also able to participate in its therapeutic benefits.
In the warmer months, we regularly have BBQs in the evenings in the garden and also down at the beach which is only a few minutes walk away.

The Beach

We firmly believe in the therapeutic and healing benefits of the sand, sea and fresh air, and so regularly take our clients to the beach to practise mindfulness, go on walks and also relax and have fun.

In the warmer months we often have games and BBQ evenings within the beautiful beach setting, which all of our clients really enjoy.
Kitchen Facilities
Our kitchen is equipped to the highest standard with state of the art equipment. It is kept scrupulously clean at all times, in line with health and safety standards.

WIFI & Phone Use

We have Wifi freely available throughout our residential Lighthouse rehab. Clients can access this at certain times. We do put limits on phones use and Wifi, so as not to distract from their treatment.
Clients are allowed their phones in the evenings, once they have completed their first week of treatment with us. Their first week, will centre on settling them in and encouraging them to focus on themselves and their recovery. Daily calls to family and children are permitted from our office phone during this period.

Gym Facilities

Clients are able to access a local gym in the evenings, if they wish, once their detox is completed. For safety reasons, clients who are detoxing cannot be permitted to use the gym facilities.

Evening Time Table

Whilst we want our clients to relax in the evenings, we also provide some structure that is recovery and health focused. We therefore arrange supervised trips to local 12 step meetings, in house recovery shares, access to the gym, quiz nights and beach nights.
By introducing our clients to various healthy means of engaging with others and looking after themselves and their recovery, our hope is that they will take this ethic home and continue to attend meetings and make time for their personal recovery on a daily basis.
Please do call us if you wish to know more about our facilities and how we can help.
Choose Step By Step Recovery:

  • 24/7 care from a team of professionals
  • CQC regulated
  • Luxury surroundings
  • Beach setting
  • Bespoke rehabilitation