Prescription Drug Addiction Detox

Prescription Drug Addiction Detox Essex & London

Step By Step Recovery offer a full medically managed inpatient detox for anyone that has become dependent on prescription drugs.

Prescription drug addiction is more common than ever today; most that become dependent, do so from taking prescription drugs over a prolonged period of time and subsequently their body becoming physically dependent on them.

In 2017, NHS Digital release statistics showing that prescriptions for opioid painkillers, such as codeine, have double from 12 million to 24 million in the past ten years. This is an alarming rise and shows that prescription drug addiction is more prevalent than ever before.

Regardless of how you or a loved one have developed a problem with prescription drugs, whether it is through a genuine medical need, abuse or addiction, we can help.

In the safe and nurturing environment of our Lighthouse rehab clinic, we will ensure that you detox safely and comfortably, with professional support and care around the clock.

What is a prescription drug detox?

Where an individual has regularly been taking a tolerance building drug (this is a drug that creates a physical dependence), over a prolonged period of time, their body and brain chemistry alters to accommodate and function normally on that drug.
Taking any less than the usual dose, will result in withdrawal symptoms. Prescription drug dependence results from repeated and regular exposure to a tolerance building prescription drug.

In order for the body to become clear of a prescription drug dependence, it needs to go through a period of detoxification. This should be medically managed and carried out gradually, to minimise withdrawal symptoms and ensure than no life threatening symptoms develop.

Our Lighthouse rehab centre is able to facilitate all manner of prescription drug detoxes.
As a CQC regulated treatment facility, we take every measure possible to ensure your or your loved ones safety throughout the detox process.

On admission you will be comprehensively medically and psychiatrically assessed by our experienced psychiatrist or doctor, who will prescribe a suitable detox regime for any prescription drug dependency. This will then be administered by our qualified staff. You will receive high levels of support from our counsellors and therapists to help you complete the detox and we will promptly address any concerns that may arise.

Prescribed drugs we provide detox for

There are many prescription drugs that can create a physical and also psychological dependence, abuse problem and addiction. Withdrawing from a prescription medication dependency can be extremely uncomfortable, distressing and even life threatening – if not carried correctly and professionally.

We are able to facilitate detoxes from all prescription and also over the counter medications, including:

  • Opiate based painkillers
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Sleeping pills
  • Anti-anxiety medications
  • Codeine
  • Tramadol
  • Pregabalin
  • Gabapentin
  • Retinol
  • Adderall
  • Oxycodone and Oxycontin
  • Xanax
  • Psychiatric medications
  • Vicodin
  • Morphine
  • Methadone

Basically, if there is any medication that you have developed a dependence or addiction to, providing it is safe to detox you (in that the medication is no longer genuinely medically required), we can help.
If there are any prescription drugs that we have not covered here and you want help to stop, please do call us, we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Do I Need a Prescription Drug Detox?

If you are taking a medication that you have developed a dependency to and are either:

  1. Abusing it, through not using it for the medical purpose it is intended
  2. Using it just to get high
  3. Are still using a prescription where there is no longer a genuine medical need
  4. Have an addiction to prescription drugs
  5. Are sourcing them illicitly from the black market or internet
  6. Are mixing them with alcohol or other drugs just for the effect produced
  7. Develop withdrawal symptoms if you miss a regular dose and there is no genuine medical need for the prescription any more

Then yes, you do need a medical prescription drug detox.

Prescription Drug Dependency

Prescription drug dependency is created through repeated exposure over a period of time to a regular doses of a prescription drug.

Over time you can build a tolerance to certain prescription drugs, which is where the body and brain chemically adjusts to function normally without any effect from the drug. When this has happened, you will no longer gain any medical or euphoric benefits from the same dosage of that drug.

In order to gain the original benefits of the drug, you will need to increase the dosage. This is commonplace in long term pain management, and also in abuse and addiction.

If you are prescribed the drug for a genuine medical condition, over time, that drug will need to be increased in order to have the needed pharmaceutical effects. You may find yourself on a high dosage of a certain prescribed drug and find that you are no longer gaining any benefits from taking it, other than preventing withdrawal from occurring.

Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction

Abuse and addiction usually involves taking large quantities of a particular drug, purley for the euphoric effects that it induces. As the brain becomes tolerant, again the dosage will need to be increased.

If you suffer from addiction, eventually you will not be able to feel any pleasure at all, no matter how much of the drug you take; this is where addiction becomes very dangerous. You are more likely to mix drugs and change the route of administration in order to feel any benefits at all, even just to feel normal, and will likely be putting your life at risk on a daily basis.

Abuse and addiction are progressive diseases of the brain. In addiction, the brain is reliant on its daily dopamine fix, which certain drugs produce in abundance. Over time the brain stops organically producing the natural feel good chemical dopamine and becomes solely reliant on drugs for its production.

At the same time the brain will rewire its neural pathways to become hard-wired to seek out the prescription drug, that for you, produces the most euphoria.

This is why addiction is not a choice. If you are suffering from addiction to a prescription drug, you will be compelled to carry on taking it regardless of negative consequences to your physical, mental, emotional, financial and social well being.

How do I detox from prescription drugs?

The safest medically proven method of detoxing from alcohol, drugs or prescription drugs, is to undergo an inpatient medical detox.

Attempting to detox yourself can often backfire and go catastrophically wrong. During withdrawal you will experience intense drug cravings, along with other unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. In the community, this can be exceptionally difficult to self manage; there will always be the temptation to take the drug just to make the symptoms go away.

In the safe and supportive environment of a residential detox clinic such as the Lighthouse, the detox is managed for you in an abstinence based environment. This removes the availability and the temptation.

The detox medication that we prescribe and administer for you, also substantially reduces withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings; making the detox much easier, safer and more comfortable to complete.

If you have a dependency to any prescription drug, you should never just stop taking the medication. It is of vital importance to your health and well being that you seek medical advice first and carry out the detox with medical supervision and support.

Will a prescription drug detox be enough?

If you suffer from an abuse problem or an addiction, a detox alone will not be enough. An intensive psychological and therapeutic rehabilitation programme will also be required to help rewire your brain and bring about a sufficient change in perception, thinking and outlook in order to avoid relapse.

For any individual that is undergoing a prescription drug detox, we always recommend a minimum of 4 weeks residential inpatient treatment to incorporate rehabilitation. The added benefit of completing a 4 week treatment programme with us, is that you will also qualify for free aftercare for life.

What is the Best Treatment for a Prescription Drug Addiction?

If you have an addiction to prescription drugs, it is important that you ask for, and access the correct help and treatment. This will be the difference between being able to overcome your addiction or not.

Step By Step Recovery provide a comprehensive bespoke treatment programme for those that suffer with an alcohol or drug abuse problem or addiction. We tailor our rehab programme to fit your treatment needs as an individual. We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to successfully treating addiction of any kind, even if it is to the the same substance as others.

We believe that we provide the best prescription drug addiction treatment available in the UK and have complete faith in our programme and in our staff. We have years of experience in treating addiction and have pooled that experience together with highly effective, proven methods of addiction treatment to provide you with a rehab programme that is unique to you.

Person centred approach to addiction treatment
The addiction treatment we provide is person centred and treats you as a whole individual. We treat all aspects of addiction and the the associated maladaptive behaviours and thought processes that go with it.

Our holistic approach is very loving and compassionate and will help you to heal on a physical, psychological, spiritual, emotional and social basis. We leave no stone left unturned, giving you the maximum opportunity of a successful and permanent recovery.

What Happens after Detox?

What happens after you have completed your prescription drug detox is entirely up to you, but we do strongly recommend that you engage in a full rehab programme with us. This will help to prevent relapse and prepare you for returning back home drug free.

We offer a number of prescription drug treatment programmes, ranging from short stay to long term care and even supported living. We will make the appropriate recommendations based on the outcome of your assessment, but ultimately it is up to you to decide.

Whatever you choose to do once you have completed your detox, we will do our utmost to support you in that decision and help you to prepare for your return back home. We devise a bespoke discharge plan of ongoing care in the community for all clients that complete treatment with us.

How long do I need to stay in rehab for?

How long you need to stay in rehab for will be dependent on your individual circumstances. In the majority of instances we recommend an absolute minimum of 28 days, but many will benefit from a far longer programme.

In instances where longer term rehab care is required, we provide primary, secondary and tertiary care programmes. Primary care is the most intensive period of care as it will be when you require the most support and treatment.

Secondary will provide you with all the treatment benefits but also more freedom to start exploring opportunities such as further education and peer support.

Tertiary care is provided in our supported housing; where you can still have daily contact with counsellors and treatment but start to live your own life again. We will support you in accessing education, volunteering and also back into work.
Step By Step Recovery are here to walk you through the process from active addiction and through the transition of sober/abstinent living. Providing you with a firm foundation to continue your recovery.

Statistics for Prescription Drug Addiction in the UK

Many prescription drug addictions start as recreational experimentation, during teenage years, when the brain is at its most vulnerable and developmental stage:

There are many factors that put certain individuals in a high risk group of drug abuse and addiction:

The statistics for deaths relating to prescription opioid overdose has steadily risen to alarming numbers over the years:

Booking a UK prescription drug detox

If you or a loved one need to admit for a UK prescription drug detox, please contact us now. We can provide emergency admissions for those in crisis and sober transportation to our clinic in Essex, South East England.

Booking a UK prescription drug detox

If you or a loved one need to admit for a UK prescription drug detox, please contact us now. We can provide emergency admissions for those in crisis and sober transportation to our clinic in Essex, South East England.

On receiving your call, we will conduct a triage assessment of your treatment requirements and take care of all of the booking details in one call. You can also choose to extend your stay with us at any time; we appreciate that for some, the thought of commiting to several weeks away from home, may feel too much at the beginning.

Our staff our here to answer any questions you may have relating to detox and treatment and to reassure you each and every step of the way.

Call us today to find out more about how we can help you to break free from prescription drug dependency, abuse and addiction, once and for all.