Grant Selby The Lighthouse Clinic

Grant Selby

Referrals Co-ordinator

Qualifications and experience

I come from a background of finance and working in the city. I also spent many years in active addiction. I have been in recovery myself for 4.5 years.

Working with addiction

Due to my own personal experiences I am able to offer my own unique approach in supporting those affected by addiction. I have been through treatment a number of times so I am able to understand how daunting it can be and offer support to our clients. I also know how my family was affected by my situation, so I am able to empathize with loved ones and family members.

Working at the lighthouse

My role at The Lighthouse means I am usually the first point of contact for clients or families seeking help. I feel privileged to be a part of such a close knit, experienced, and professional team. From the psychiatrist to the housekeeper, each person involved plays a crucial part in each client’s recovery journey. I see miracles happen regularly and broken people come alive, which is why I love my job so much.

Hobbies and interests

In my spare time I enjoy personal fitness, football and spending time with my family and dog . I’m also an active member of a 12-step fellowship.