Supported Housing

Step By Step Recovery Sober Living Accomodation

Our Lighthouse detox and rehab centre in Southend-on-sea Essex, provides sober living accommodation for those that have completed a full inpatient rehabilitation programme with us.

Our third stage tertiary care houses are conveniently situated close to The Lighthouse rehab clinic and the town, beach and sea.

Benefits of Sober Living Accomodation

Our sober living accommodation offers many benefits for continual growth and recovery, all of which help to prevent relapse, including:

  • Randomised alcohol and drug testing to keep residents safe and act as an added incentive to stay sober and clean
  • Supported living to assist with the transition from rehab to normal community living – free from alcohol and drugs
  • Access to local facilities including further education, volunteering, training and work opportunities
  • Access to our rehab staff and aftercare for additional recovery support
  • Beautiful beach setting with fresh sea air and a seaside town boasting many attractions, things to do, 12 step meetings and an established therapeutic community
  • Additional support from housemates, you will not be on your own.
  • Family and friends can visit you at the house
  • Learn life skills and essential self-care skills whilst still in a safe and nurturing environment
  • Sober living accomodation is proven to assist with adjustment to sober living and help in solidifying the foundation for ongoing recovery from addiction