Step by Step Recovery treat the mind, body and spirit of all of our clients. For those that wish to engage, there is a fitness programme available.

With a nearby gym that we have a partnership with, clients off detox can access the gym for free in their spare time, in the evenings or at weekends. Those that have graduated on to secondary care with us, will be allowed to attend unsupervised, but our primary care clients are always supervised to ensure their safety.

The gym offers all the usual exercise machines, weights and a stretching/relaxation area. It is well equipped and suitable for all levels of fitness

The Benefits of Fitness in Addiction Recovery

As the saying goes a healthy body equals a healthy mind and vice versa. We believe that our fitness programme boasts numerous benefits to our clients overall well being and not just physically.

For a start, fitness and exercise boosts natural feel good chemicals. Those that suffer from addiction, seek pleasurable feelings through substance misuse or an unhealthy behaviour. Addiction actually depletes the natural production of dopamine and serotonin as the brain becomes reliant on the substance or behaviour for their production. These two vital brain chemicals provide emotional stability, pleasurable feelings, regulate sleep and mood and increase motivation.

By instigating their natural organic production again through our fitness programme, our clients are gaining numerous benefits to the brain and also the body. Furthermore, you don’t have to be fit to start with, even walking offers great mood boosting benefits.

Benefits of Exercise and Fitness to the Brain

Regular exercise and fitness, even mild to moderate exercise such as walking or swimming, boosts the organic production of the brains feel good chemicals and releases endorphins.

Top 20 Benefits of Exercise and Fitness to the Body

There are many benefits health wise to the body that can be gained through regular fitness and exercise, here are the top 20 benefits. Again, it does not have to be strenuous and you don’t have to be fit to start with:

Spiritual Fitness

At the Lighthouse, we incorporate mild exercise to our primary care client’s treatment programme, so that they can start to feel the benefits for themselves. The exercise programme that we offer our inpatient clients is suitable for any age and fitness level.

We take regular walks to the beach and along the beach, which is ideally situated only a 2 minute walk from our treatment centre. Our clients not only benefit from the walking but also the beautiful scenery and fresh sea air.

We also introduce our clients to Yoga, which offers huge spiritual benefits in addition to relaxation and increased mobility. We like to incorporate spirituality into our primary care fitness programme, as we are then treating each client as a whole person.

With this in mind we also offer Mindful Fitness,which combines mindfulness with gentle exercise for a full holistic effect.

Our Fitness Programme

We believe that our fitness programme offers numerous benefits, as proven; helping those to recover from addiction and co occurring mental health illnesses on a physical, mental and spiritual level. We adapt each fitness programme to suit each individual’s capability physically. Those with mobility issues will be offered low key alternatives, to help get them moving.

Our hope is that by introducing regular light exercise to our clients that they will continue with it after completing their primary care residential treatment and continue to reap its numerous benefits.

If you have any questions relating to our fitness programme and your individual health, please do not hesitate to call us for reassurance on how we can help.

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