Through our private rehabilitation treatment, we’ll be there every step of the way. We offer the complete journey; from detox rehab, primary treatment and beyond, to aftercare and, if required, supported housing. Step by Step Recovery also offers a service.

Our Addiction Treatment Services

Detoxification and our primary residential treatment program are undertaken at The Lighthouse in Shoeburyness, near Southend-on-Sea, in a warm, caring and compassionate environment.

For those who chose to commit to a primary residential treatment program, we can also offer a move-on into our Step by Step Housing (supported housing) provision where clients live in a safe, recovery focused, sober living community.

This move-on option is dependent on completion of a minimum of three months primary residential treatment at The Lighthouse.

Recovery From Addiction: Aftercare Services

For clients who complete primary residential treatment and, for example, need to return to families or careers, we also offer the option of aftercare. Clients are welcome to return to The Lighthouse and attend aftercare groups and/or engage with their counsellor or keyworker. The aftercare program offers support around relapse prevention and provides the client with the opportunity to build on therapeutic work undertaken during primary treatment.

Statistically, those who commit to aftercare provision do best!

Drugs and Alcohol Counselling Services

Finally, Step by Step Recovery offers a counselling service. This service is primarily (but not exclusively) focused on substance misuse and can be accessed by any individual who feels they have issues that need exploring with the support of a counsellor or psychotherapist. Unlike aftercare, this service can be accessed without completing primary treatment.

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