Holistic Addiction Treatment

Step By Step Recovery wholeheartedly believe that a holistic approach to healing and treating addiction works best. Holistic means “whole”. With this very much in mind, we treat every aspect of our clients using an individualised and personalised approach.

Neglecting to treat any part of someone suffering from addiction or a dual diagnosis illness often results in relapse. Addiction is a progressive disease of the brain, and the more it is exposed to substances or behaviours that the individual is powerless to control, the more damage is caused to the brain’s neural pathways.

Relapse always takes the individual back very quickly to the place where they found it unbearably painful. Sadly, this can cost them their life.

By using a holistic approach to addiction treatment we are able to use non-invasive and non-threatening therapies to help our clients to heal; physically, intellectually, mentally and spiritually.

Many alcoholics and addicts will often relate to the need to fill a void inside. Initially alcohol, drugs and addictive behaviours, may have filled this void and achieved for them what they could not achieve for themselves; but as the disease of addiction progresses, it eventually becomes all consuming and takes over every aspect of their life.

Understanding Addiction

In order to treat or prevent addiction, it is vital to understand how it manifests. The following video explains very well, in terms that anyone can relate to, how addiction manifests and progresses:

What is Holistic Addiction Treatment Therapy?

Holistic addiction therapy is an alternative to just medication and proved to be very successful in treating addiction and its common co occurring illnesses such as Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Trauma, Eating disorders, Borderline Personality and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

At our Lighthouse residential rehab centre we treat all aspects of the individual’s illness simultaneously to ensure they heal comprehensively; thus reducing the risk of relapse on any of their presenting illnesses.

How We Apply Holistic Treatment to Addiction

Initially, medication is often required to ensure that a detox remains safe, or to stabilise a mental health illness. In some more severe mental health conditions, medication may be required on a long term basis, but more often that not, we find that those that suffer from dual diagnosis recover more comprehensively with the assistance of holistic therapies and abstinence from substances.

We deliver our holistic programme, whether our clients require long term medication for an additional mental health illness or not. Medications tend not to treat the whole individual and only treat a chemical imbalance or mask and repress mental health illness symptoms.

Holistic therapies treat the root causes of the illness and help to heal them and prevent their recurrence. Sometimes a combination of both offers the most effective results; but this is dependent on each individual and their own personal treatment needs, all of which we thoroughly assess and take in to account.

Our Holistic Addiction Rehabilitation Programme

For most individuals the term holistic therapy, conjures up an image of yoga or a relaxation therapy such as massage. Whilst we do offer these therapies at our Lighthouse rehab, we also use a vast range of different holistic therapies, proven to be highly effective in treating addiction.

Some examples of holistic therapies that we incorporate in to our rehab recovery programme include:

Person centred talking therapies – The CBT, Psychotherapy, Integrative therapy, 12 step and Counselling that we deliver, is aimed at treating the underlying causes of addiction and showing the individual the tools to make the necessary changes to their physical, emotional and spiritual life. In addition, we also treat the social aspect of their illness, which often leads to isolation from others, even close family members, children and partners.

Mindful Fitness – By combining mindfulness with gentle exercise such as walking, we are teaching our clients simple and highly effective methods of self care. Mindful fitness treats the individual physically, mentally and spiritually. It is extremely flexible and can be practised alone or with others.

Mindfulness can really help an individual to gain clarity and focus, and we encourage our clients to continue its practise on completing their treatment programme with us.

12 Step

12 Step has been around for many years, and to date has proved to be the most effective method of treating addiction. 12 Step encourages a process of change through the application of its programme. Holistically, it encourages complete abstinence, a great shift in thinking and perception and spiritual connection and growth.

12 Step meetings are very accessible and due to the programmes success, meetings are available at any time of day or night around the world, face to face and online. It also encourages a positive network of supportive recovery focused friends, something that has been found to be invaluable when it comes to sustaining recovery.

Yoga – Yoga incorporates the mind, body and spirit. It works by bring all three elements of the being into balance. It is suitable for all levels of fitness, as is mindful fitness, and easy to practice alone or with others. We introduce this holistic practice to our inpatient clients at our Lighthouse rehab, in the hope that we will continue to reap its benefits once they return back home.

Educational Interactive Workshops – we frequently run workshops as part of our comprehensive rehabilitation programme, that educate our clients around addiction and how to avoid relapse. The vast majority of our educational workshops focus on all parts of each clients being. They provide useful strategies to avoid relapse by looking after the mind, body and spirit. They also help to increase self esteem, self awareness and connect them to the truth.

Addiction Education – Once our clients have a deeper understanding of the seriousness of addiction and how it affects their thinking and actions, and the negative consequences that arise as a result, they become much more receptive to change, and to taking on suggestions that help them to continue in their recovery once back in the community.

We educate our clients as to how addiction affects them as a whole individual and also how their illness affects others that are close to them. We encourage accountability, without judgement, and show them how to change and become the person they have always wanted to be.

Aftercare – Our aftercare programme, provides each client the opportunity to check in with us on a physical, mental, social and spiritual level and receive solution focused guidance from our therapists and feedback from their peers.

Uniquely we place no time limit on our aftercare; it is available for as long as our clients wish to attend. The only requirement to access our free lifetime aftercare, is that they complete a minimum of 4 weeks inpatient treatment with us and attend the sessions sober and clean.

Aftercare is a vital component of a full and comprehensive rehabilitation programme, as it addresses reintegration issues for the client and supports them through the early days of their recovery.

Detox – Whilst our clients are undergoing a medical detox with us, we ensure their safety and their overall well being with regular monitoring, reviews, and support from staff. We frequently check on all of our detox clients to ensure that they are coping physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Our whole approach to treating addiction at Step By Step Recovery is holistic based. Our treatment programmes treat our clients medically and physically, nutritionally, creatively, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and socially.

Through our holistic treatment programme we achieve miraculous results; that are sustainable by our clients continuing the practices and strategies that we teach them.

What is the Spiritual Aspect of Holistic Treatment?

A person’s healthy spirit is what makes them feel content and peaceful within. It makes them feel whole as a person and committed to recovery and life. The vast majority of our clients come to us completely spiritually broken. It is vital that we address the spiritual aspect of the disease of addiction, as if we do not, they will always look for an outside solution to an internal problem.

The spiritual aspect of our holistic therapy treatment focuses on healing the spirit and the pain within. So that they no longer feel the need to use alcohol, drugs or destructive behaviours to dull that pain or make them feel whole.

By connecting our clients to their spirit, they are able to discover and uncover their true authentic selves, to be true to themselves and speak from the heart. Addiction is characterised by lies, intrenchenched beliefs and behaviours, deceit, secrecy and manipulation. Spiritually is all about willingness, honesty and open mindedness, which is a direct contradiction to the traits of active addiction

We aim to arm our clients with the facts about themselves and their illness(s) and to show them effective and simple holistic treatment methods, that they can continue to practice or access back the community in order to maintain overall balance and wellbeing.

Using Holistic Therapy To Treat Addiction and Mood Disorders

If you are suffering from addiction, or addiction and a mental health problem, once the substance has been safely removed, your mood is very likely to dip after a period of abstinence. The reason for this, is that the brain needs to learn how to produce its own feel good chemicals and coping strategies as opposed to relying on substances or maladaptive behaviours.

Holistic therapies treat you as a whole person, and so show you effective and healthy methods of managing your own mood, emotions, thoughts and feelings without the need for chemical reliance.

Over time and practice, holistic therapies help to repair and rewire the brain to adapt to a sober and clean life. This is essential for a full and long term recovery.

Holistic addiction therapies offer a long term solution to a chronic and life threatening illness. They also greatly improve the quality of life of those with other mental health illnesses and can be used alone, or in conjunction with pharmacological intervention, where it is necessary.

In treating mood disorders or diagnosed mental health conditions, holistic therapies offer an alternative to just medication. Many individuals prefer not to use medication as find that it can affect their overall well being due to unwanted side effects. Pharmacological intervention does not treat the root causes or the internal condition. For a full recovery, it is vital that these are treated and healed comprehensively.

Holistic therapies enable most, but not all, suffering from diagnosed mental health illnesses to lead a full and happy life without the use of heavy medications.

Personalised Holistic Treatment

At our Lighthouse rehab in Essex, we introduce you to many different forms of holistic therapy and use different mediums in which to deliver it. We understand that not everyone responds to one particular individual method.

We treat you using a very bespoke and person centred approach, we provide a variety of psychological and holistic treatment methods in order to find which particular treatment works best for you. We then encourage you to use whichever holistic method you find most healing and beneficial on your return back home, and in your ongoing and continued recovery.

Are Holistic Therapies and Alternative Medicines the same?

Alternative Medicine is not the same as holistic therapies. Alternative medicines and therapies can be effectively used to compliment a full holistic programme.

The main difference between the two, is that alternative medicines tend to concentrate on one or two aspects of healing, rather than the whole person. Holistic therapy treats the whole individual and does not generally include medication, unless medically prescribed to enhance healing or assist with detoxification.

Benefits of our Holistic AddTreatment Programme

Our inpatient holistic programme offers many benefits to those undergoing treatment with us for addiction or dual diagnosis:

  • It assists in the repair of the brain damage caused by years of substance abuse and maladaptive behaviours

  • It fosters the belief that there is an alternative way to self medication

  • It heals each individual on a physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual basis

  • It is a non invasive and non threatening form of therapy that is loving and compassionate

  • It enables the individual to be present in the moment and to move forward, away from their past, embracing positive change

  • It healthily deals with feelings of shame, regret and guilt

  • It naturally assists in enhancing mood and motivation

  • It can continued to be practiced or accessed on your return to the community

  • It brings about substantial change in thinking, feelings and behaviours

  • Many holistic therapies are very enjoyable and relaxing

  • It assists in healing the spirit and reigniting passion for life

  • The benefits also extend to loved ones and family members, as they observe their loved one undergoing positive change and getting well

  • It provides a number of different methods in which the individual can heal and discover and connect to their true authentic self

  • It does not conflict with any religious or spiritual beliefs as encourages enhancement of them

  • It does not conflict with any medications

For more information on our holistic addiction treatment program, please contact us direct and speak to a member of our team, who will be happy to assist in any way that they can.