Step by Step Recovery Blog

14th August 2020
junk food in piles on table

Food Addiction

The Insidious Nature of Food Addiction What would you do if you had to score Cadbury’s Dairy Milk on the street? Or if you had to […]
9th August 2020
person embracing the new day

Spirituality and Recovery

Spiritual Health and Recovery Recovery, to be fully effective, requires a holistic approach, which is based on the notion that all parts of the person are […]
7th August 2020
hydration text with bottle pouring water

Hydration in Recovery

The Importance of Hydration in Recovery During active periods of drug or alcohol addiction we neglect to take care of our bodies. As part of recovery, […]
5th August 2020
Calm with sunset over sea

Practising Calmness

Practising Calmness is more important than ever Humans are pretty amazing creatures and our physiological systems deal with a vast array of situations and circumstances. The […]
30th July 2020
Integrity carved in stone

Un-buzzing Integrity

The process of recovery has several essential principles, for example – social support, respect, healthy lifestyle, emotional stability, etc. However, the less practical terms can sometimes […]
27th July 2020
Woman with healthy and junk food

Food and Mood

Food and nutrition is an ever-changing subject and the advice we receive seems to vary quite regularly. However, latest evidence suggests that what we eat affects […]