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13th October 2018
anthony russel rehab

Anthony Russell Returns To X Factor A New Man After Rehab

Anthony Russell, 28, from Liverpool, returned to the X Factor stage once more this year, following a 4-month stint in rehab after he unexpectedly quit X […]
12th October 2018
pint of lager with sign saying no more

How To Stop Drinking Alcohol

If you are worried about your alcohol intake you might want to stop drinking alcohol. You may want to reduce the amount you are drinking or […]
12th August 2018
should alcoholic be banned

Should we stop using the words “alcoholic” and “alcoholism”?

Times change. While we all know what someone means when they say “alcoholic” the medical community has moved away from the term. They have also stopped […]
4th August 2018
war on drugs with person lying in background

Are we winning the war on drug addiction in the UK?

William Hague has stated that the UK is not winning the war on drug addiction. The Conservative politician says that the “war against cannabis has been […]