Drug Addiction Detox London & Essex

Drug Addiction Detox London & Essex

Fast, Effective Drug Detox Clinic For All Substances

Are you or a loved one struggling with an addiction to drugs and need help? If so, The Lighthouse Drug Detox Clinic by Step By Step Recovery specialises in all kinds of drug detoxes and rehabilitation.

Medical Drug Detox London, Essex & UK

Our Lighthouse rehab, situated near London, by the beach in Essex, provides the perfect residential luxury surroundings and healing environment in which you can safely detox from drugs. All the while you will be under the watchful eye of our expert medical and therapeutic clinical team.

Drug addiction is not a lifestyle choice, but a serious and life threatening disease of the brain. No one in their right mind, would choose drug addiction, to lose their dignity, their family, their home, their freedom and even their life..

We fully understand how drug addiction can affect an individual and consequently their family too. We know that it is not a choice, and that with the correct treatment, drug addiction can be halted through detox and abstinence maintained from there.

Recovery, where there is a dependence, always starts with detoxification. Detox is far from easy to achieve in the community; but within our Lighthouse detox clinic, we can make sure that you are as comfortable as possible and ensure your safety each and every step of the way.


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What Is A Drug Detox?

A drug detox is a process by which the body is rid of all traces of the drug that that it is addicted to. In cases of drug dependence, this should only be conducted within a safe environment and with medical intervention.

Attempting to detox oneself can go horribly wrong and result in very unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, some of which can be life threatening.

Inpatient medical detox is clinically proven to be the safest method of withdrawing from drug dependence.

Our Lighthouse rehab clinic, located near the beach in Southend-on-sea, Essex, controls the detox for you, so you are not trying to self manage. We also prescribe approved medications to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms and reduce drug cravings. At the same time we provide support and care around the clock to help you through any difficulties you encounter.

Which Drugs Do You Provide Detoxes For?

We offer a full residential medical detox for all manner of illicit, prescribed and legal drugs, including:

  • Alcohol
  • Heroin
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Prescription drugs
  • Opiate painkillers
  • Cannabis
  • Cocaine
  • Crack Cocaine
  • Methamphetamine
  • Amphetamines
  • Barbiturates
  • Fentanyl
  • Party drugs
  • Legal highs
  • GHB and GBL
  • Retinol and Adderall
  • Pregabalin and Gabapentin
  • Over the counter medications
  • Skunk

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Drug Detox London & Essex


Whatever drug you are struggling with, we can help. You do not need to fear detox as we will make sure that you are comfortable as possible and be on hand to assist you at anytime of the day or night.

Call us now to find out exactly how we can help you or a loved one to overcome a drug problem.

Do I Need A Medical Drug Detox?

If you have a dependence to a drug, of any kind, then a medical detox is the safest way to come off of that drug. It is also the most successful way; as temptation is removed and drug cravings are reduced dramatically with the assistance of detox medication.

You may be wondering if you have a dependence; displaying any of the following signs and symptoms of drug dependence, strongly indicates that you would benefit from a full medical inpatient drug detox:

  • You take drugs every day
  • You are unable to function normally without drugs
  • If you miss a regular dose you develop withdrawal symptoms
  • If you run low on drugs you start to feel extremely anxious and panicky
  • You hide the amount of drugs you take from others
  • You wish you could stop, but can’t
  • You have tried to self detox before but have failed due to temptation or withdrawal symptoms becoming too much to bare
  • You will do almost anything to get drugs including lying, cheating, manipulating, stealing and committing crime

Addiction Detox For London, Essex & Southe East England

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What is Drug Abuse, Tolerance, Dependence and Drug Addiction?

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is when someone takes a drug or drugs to excess and to dangerous levels. There are many forms of drug abuse. Basically, if you are taking a drug that is not required for genuine medical purposes, or are not following a prescription and adhering to safety guidelines, then you are abusing a drug.

All drugs have the potential to be abused, it is not the drug that is the problem but the individual who is abusing it that requires treatment. Drug abuse leads to drug dependence and addiction. Abusing a drug is an early warning sign of an addiction developing.

Abusing drugs usually comes with negative consequences, either to the users physical or mental health and can also affect other areas of their life, socially, emotionally and financially.

Drug Abuse Definition

Drug Tolerance

Drug tolerance leads to drug dependence. Tolerance develops through repeated exposure to a certain drug. Once you have become tolerant to a specific amount of a drug, the drug loses its beneficial effects.

To gain the initial and sought after effects of the drug, either medically or euphorically, you will need to increase it. Taking the same amount or taking any less will result in withdrawal symptoms developing.



Drug Dependence

Drug dependence and drug addiction

Drug dependency is where you have to take a certain amount of a drug in order to be able to function normally and stave off withdrawal symptoms. If you miss a dose or take any less than you usually do, you will develop withdrawal symptoms.

Drug dependence can happen with any drug, either psychologically, physically or both. Certain drugs create physical dependence due to chemical changes in the brain taking place, as a result of repeated. These changes are adaptations to the drug, so that the body can function normally. The brain, in addition, becomes dependent on the effects of the drug.

Drug dependence can also manifest from a genuine need for a prescription drug. Some individuals who do not suffer from a mental compulsion to abuse drugs, will still require a medical detox to help them withdraw safely from a drug they have developed a physical dependence to. This typically happens with long term pain management medications, such as opiate painkillers.

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Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is where there is a psychological dependence is present, with or without a physical dependence. An individual who is drug addicted, will behave very differently from someone who had developed a dependency due to following a medical prescription.

Drug addiction results from repeated drug abuse. An individual who suffers from addiction, will take drugs just for their euphoric effects and not for any medicinal benefits. They will constantly and obsessively seek out the drug that provides them with the greatest feelings of euphoria.

Drug addiction is a deadly and  progressive disease; so when an individual becomes tolerant, they will take more and more in order to gain the euphoric effects once again. Their behaviours will be risk taking and very different from their normal character, before they started taking drugs. They will go to extreme lengths in order to get more drugs, with little or no thought to the consequences that may result.

Drug addiction is a mental compulsion to take drugs, even when the individual wants to stop. They have lost the power of choice in their drug taking and it can develop from tolerance, dependence and abuse.

What is drug addiction?

Common Drug Withdrawal and Detox Symptoms

Drug withdrawal symptoms vary depending on the drug your are detoxing from, the amounts involved and the length of the dependence.

Withdrawal symptoms, are psychological and physical side effects that you experience as a result of withdrawing from a drug, that you are dependent on, or addicted to.

Common drug withdrawal symptoms often include:

  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia
  • Aches and Pains
  • Emotional instability
  • Intense drug cravings
  • Change in appetite
  • Concentration problems
  • Sweating
  • Tremors
  • Upset stomach
  • Depression
  • Panic attacks

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Depending on the drug, some more severe and life threatening symptoms can also present themselves; alcohol, benzodiazepines, opiates and certain prescription medications are notoriously difficult and dangerous to come off of.

If you do have a drug dependence of any kind, it is important that you do not just stop suddenly, this can result in life threatening withdrawal symptoms.

It is important that you have a full medical assessment with a qualified doctor, experienced in detoxes, prior to commencing withdrawal.

Medical Drug Detoxes

What To Expect At Our Fast Drug Detox Clinics In London & Essex

Step By Step Recovery recognise that no two individuals are the same; even if they are addicted to the same drug, they will have varying treatment needs, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

On admission to our Lighthouse detox and rehab clinic, you will be fully assessed by our doctor or psychiatrist, who will comprehensively examine every aspect of you, medically and mentally. If a drug dependence is established, then the doctor will then prescribe an appropriate medical detox regime that will be administered with your consent.

You will start off initially on a high dose of detox medication and over the days ahead, be weaned off of it at a comfortable pace. Whilst you are detoxing you will receive ongoing support from our counsellors and therapists, as well as regular reviews with our doctor and psychiatrist.

The aim of our inpatient medical drug detox is to:

  1. Ensure you withdraw from a drug dependence safely
  2. Reduce withdrawal symptoms
  3. Reduce drug cravings
  4. Ensure to complete your detox and leave our rehab drug free

If at any point you are struggling with your detox, your detox regime will promptly be reviewed by our doctor, and adjusted where necessary.

By making your detox from drugs as comfortable and safe as possible, we are giving you the best chance to stop your drug addiction or dependence and start to live a drug free life.


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Will I Be Cured After A Rapid Drug Detox?

Drug detox is not a cure for drug addiction but a stepping stone to recovery. Recovery must start with abstinence so that therapeutic measures, treatments and interventions can be of maximum benefit.

In addiction, the drug is just a symptom of the disease that manifests in the individuals mind, their thought processes, emotions, compulsions and subsequent maladaptive and destructive behaviours. Detox only clears the body of drugs, but does not change anything in terms of the disease of addiction and the individuals associated thoughts and behaviours.

In order to make a recovery, from any kind of addiction, whether its alcohol, drugs, food or an activity, the individual will need to undergo a profound change in their thinking, outlook, perception and coping mechanisms. At Step By Step Recovery we achieve this through a personalised drug rehabilitation programme, consisting of proven and highly effective addiction treatments. All of our treatments and therapies are delivered by qualified and experienced addiction professionals.

Without rehabilitation, any individual who undergoes a detox, is at extremely high risk of relapse. Relapse is often worse than ever before, as addiction is a progressive disease that only ever gets worse over time and exposure.

Classed as a mental health illness, addiction is defined as a “chronic relapsing brain disease” by public health England and the National Institutes of Health.

Many die from addiction each and every day; it is important that if you do suffer from addiction that you access the correct addiction treatment promptly.


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What Happens After Clinical Detox?

What happens after detox is your choice entirely; although we strongly advise on rehabilitation in order to prevent relapse and advocate change, we cannot force anyone to do so.

If you choose to undergo rehabilitation after your detox, you will gain many benefits from the specialised treatments that we deliver. We treat each individual as a whole person, physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

We find, our person centred approach to treatment works best. We incorporate many different treatments to treat every aspect of addiction and any co occurring illnesses that are present.

Our residential drug rehabilitation programmes can run from weeks to months, dependent on what your individual treatment needs are. We also provide supported housing accommodation for those that need longer to adjust to to life abstinent, or whom do not have a suitable and safe home environment to return to.

We focus on long term recovery and quality of recovery, and therefore will do all we can to support our clients and meet whatever their treatment needs are.

Is There Aftercare For Drug Detoxes in London or Essex?

We do provide free lifetime aftercare to anyone that completes a minimum of 4 weeks treatment with us. If you are unable to commit to 4 weeks residential care, to include your drug detox, we will ensure that you are aware of all of your local free services to access when you return back home.

Aftercare is a very important part of ongoing and continued recovery. Aftercare will not only support you when you need it most, in the early and vulnerable days of recovery, but will also help you to grow and gain new skills that may well help you and others in future.

Aftercare is facilitated once a week at our Lighthouse detox and rehab centre, and is led by a qualified counsellor. The counsellor taking the group, will ensure that all who attend benefit from the session and leave feeling inspired and motivated in their recovery.


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Statistics For Drug Related Deaths in the UK

The numbers of drug poisonings, resulting in death, has alarmingly risen over the years to crisis point in the UK.

Drug misuse deaths by substance England & Wales 2016

In 2016, a total of 3,744 drug poisoning deaths were recorded in England and Wales. This is the highest number of deaths ever recorded since records first began. It is a tragic reflection of how drug abuse and addiction is growing in the UK.

How Do I Access A Drug Detox Clinic?

Step By Step recovery are able to facilitate emergency admissions, as appreciate that many that need help will ask for it in a time of crisis. It is important to act promptly in these situations.

We can also facilitate planned admissions for a London drug detox or in Essex; just call our team, who will be happy to advise you on our admissions process or please read our admission page for further information.

No one need die from drug addiction; we have the drug treatment, facilities and expertise to help you start your recovery journey to a drug free life today!