At Step by Step Recovery, we believe that every journey starts with a single step and that the right support makes reaching your destination easier, simpler and more empowering. With substance misuse and behavioural disorders, this is especially the case.

Set in a private rehab centre at The Lighthouse in Shoeburyness, near Southend-on-Sea, our bespoke drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment programmes are here to make every step to recovery a confident one.

Our work primarily focuses on those affected by substance misuse, but we also provide support for those experiencing a variety of issues, from food, sex and gambling addictions to other behavioural disorders. We pride ourselves on being more than a service and, at Step by Step, you can expect your progress to recovery to be met with understanding, supported by counselling and built on taking practical steps to success. Our process caters to every part of the recovery journey, from initial detoxification to primary treatment and beyond.

The journey to recovery does not end with completion of the programme. Avoiding relapse is a lifelong process, but we give our clients all the tools, coping mechanisms and support they need to stay on track. Starting with aftercare support, we also run Step by Step Housing, which provides safe and secure abstinence-based supported housing for those for whom housing is an issue. We offer these services to those who complete treatment at The Lighthouse, as well as those who are not afforded a place to live under their local housing provision. Our experienced team of professionals will then work with you to prepare you for and support you with living independently in your local community. We’re pleased to offer this service through both housing benefit and privately funded means and can support you if you are experiencing substance misuse, domestic violence, or mental and/or physical health or offending issues.

Our friendly and experienced team are always here to help. Take your first step on the journey to recovery today by getting in touch or calling our team on 0800 170 1222.