The Lighthouse Rehab by Step by Step Recovery provide behavioural rehab for those suffer from maladaptive behaviours, developed as a result of their addiction or a co occurring illness.

An addiction to alcohol or drugs is usually accompanied by associated unhealthy and harmful coping mechanisms, that not only enable the addiction to continue and progress but also cause harm to the individual and to their loved ones. In a sense, these behaviours become ritualistic and an addiction in their own right.

Unhealthy and damaging behaviours have no place in recovery, and if not addressed and treated correctly will only prevent the individual from getting well.

In order that a full recovery is made from alcoholism or drug addiction, it is vital that our patients undergo behavioural rehab in addition to detox. Whatever the behaviour is that is part of the problem, we will identify the core belief responsible and help to heal it through our holistic programme and evidence based treatment therapies.

By treating all illnesses and behaviours presenting at the same time through our comprehensive rehabilitation programme, we provide the firm foundations required for successful and ongoing recovery after Buying valacyclovir online.

Behavioural Addictions

Some behaviours can become an addiction, such as gambling, sex and love, codependency, shopping and binge eating – to name a few.

When a behaviour becomes an addiction it is equally as dangerous as alcohol or drugs. If left untreated, on its own it will have the power to kill or drive an individual to taking their own life. It will also likely lead to compulsively using substances and active addiction once again.

Step by Step Recovery take behavioural addictions very seriously, we treat them simultaneously alongside any alcohol addiction or drug addiction at our Lighthouse rehab.

Our behavioural rehab programme in Essex is tailored to your specific behavioural treatment needs. We expertly deliver a number of proven behavioural addiction treatment therapies that effectively bring about change. We believe in using a person centred approach to treatment, healing each patient from the inside-out.

Behavioural Addictions We Treat

Step by Step Recovery expertly treat the following behavioural addictions, also known as process addictions, alongside a primary drug or alcohol problem:

  • Compulsive Gambling addiction
  • Sex and Love addiction
  • Codependency
  • Shopping addiction
  • Social media addiction
  • Work addiction

Where a behavioural addiction requires ongoing treatment once rehab is complete, we will ensure that the relevant treatment pathways are recommended as part of a comprehensive and individualised discharge plan.

Treating Co-occurring Illnesses Through Behavioural Rehab

A co occurring illnesses can also successfully be treated through behavioural rehab. In some instances approved prescribed medication and mental health support is also required; we ensure that this is facilitated wherever necessary through our Consultant Psychiatrist.

A true co occurring illness will remain once the alcohol and drugs have been safely removed through the means of our medical inpatient detox. Our counsellors, therapists and support workers are trained to spot the relevant signs and treat accordingly.

Common co occurring illnesses (also known as dual diagnosis illnesses) include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety Disorder
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Codependency
  • Eating Disorders

Addiction itself is a recognised mental health condition. We pride ourselves on trying our utmost to heal our patients within the time frame we are given to work with them. Those with more than one addiction, a behavioural disorder, or a co occurring illness, ideally should stay within our care for as long as possible.

Behavioural Rehab Treatments

Step by Step Recovery employ only qualified addiction professionals to deliver the latest in evidence based addiction treatments to our patients. Treatments that we use as part of our behavioural rehab programme include:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Integrative person centred therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Mindful fitness
  • Yoga
  • Holistic massage
  • Meditation
  • 12 step therapy
  • Behaviour changing workshops
  • Fitness and exercise
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Nutrition
  • Self care strategies
  • Life skills

Why Behavioural Rehab Is Vital To Addiction Recovery

Addiction doesn’t just happen overnight and most of our patients come to us only once they feel truly broken by their illness. This means that more often than not we are treating individuals who have adopted very unhealthy and harmful behaviours as a result of years of actively seeking and taking alcohol and drugs to excess.

Behaviours associated with addiction must be treated professionally. If the behaviours and beliefs that drive addiction are left untreated, there is an extremely high chance of relapse occurring. The same applies to any mental health illness or where there is more than one addiction present.

Behavioural rehab assists in bringing about necessary change in an individual’s thinking and subsequent actions and behaviours. As with any outward action, there is an internal thought process behind it. It is the unhealthy cognitive response process that requires changing. In order to recover from any addiction, whether substance based or activity based, a huge shift in thinking and perception must occur. This why an Best place to buy tamoxifen citrate or Amoxicillin 875 mg buy online alone is rarely sufficient.

There are reasons an individual compulsively uses alcohol and drugs to the point of self destruction. It is through unearthing and treating these reasons comprehensively that the miracle of recovery is able to take place.

For more information on our behavioural rehab programme and treatments, or to book a place, please call us direct on 0800 170 1222 or complete our online form opposite.

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