At our fully residential Lighthouse rehab clinic, we take nutrition very seriously as part of our comprehensive rehabilitation programme. We believe that a holistic approach, that treats each individual on a physical, psychological and spiritual level provides the best outcomes in terms of a full rehabilitation and recovery. Neglecting any one of these three components can result in the other two failing to recover.

Food for the brain

A healthy body helps to heal the mind and brain. Years of active addiction can commonly result in nutritional deficiencies through neglect and poor self care. We start by putting the right nutrition into your body, assisting with your physical recovery and to provide the brain with fuel. Certain substances notoriously prevent the absorption of essential vitamins and nutrients, so where necessary we will also add supplements to part of your detox regime.

For ongoing physical recovery and a healthy body and brain, we provide delicious and nutritious freshly prepared meals by our resident chef. The ingredients we use, are fresh and locally sourced to support the Southend-on-sea community. There are also a selection of snacks and drinks that you can help yourself to at any time.

Eating Disorders

For those that come to us with a dual diagnosis/co occurring illness of an eating disorder, a personalised plan will be devised with you, our chef and doctor, to ensure that you get the right nutritional balance within a diet that you feel comfortable with.
For instance, if you are Anorexic, you are not going to be able to eat heavy meals to start with, so we will encourage you to eat regularly the food that you like, and as much as you can manage. We will continually monitor your physical well being for signs of improvement. Where improvement is not being made, we will review the eating plan with you and adjust it accordingly so that you can make progress.

If you are an individual suffering from Bulimia Nervosa, usually you will be able to identify the binge/trigger foods that subsequently lead to the compulsion to purge. We will do our utmost to provide a balanced diet that excludes your identified foods and encourage regular meal times and healthy eating.

If you are a Compulsive Overeater and are clinically obese, we will show you healthier eating options and again monitor your progress.

Our aim is to help you to recover from all presenting illnesses, and for many suffering from addiction, food is also an issue. This is why we incorporate healthy eating and nutrition into our overall treatment programme.

Special dietary requirements and preferences

We respect your right as an individual to have spiritual or religious principles with regards to the foods you eat, and will happily accommodate this, providing your physical health is not compromised.

Any allergies or intolerances will also be taken very seriously, and our chef will ensure that your meals are free from anything that you have an allergy or intolerance to.

At weekends our chef has time off, so either staff will cook or we will have a take out evening or BBQ. Rest assured you won’t go hungry and that our chef receives many compliments from our clients on a daily basis.

All inclusive

As a fully residential rehab, all meals are inclusive of your treatment, as is your accomodation, treatment and medication. We pride ourselves on our transparency and the fact that we actually listen to our clients needs and preferences and make every effort to meet them.

You are most welcome to contact us with any enquiries you may have relating to our inhouse catering. We are here to listen and answer any questions you may have.

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