Step By Step Recovery offer a very holistic and comprehensive approach to addiction treatment.

Each treatment programme is devised according to your individual treatment needs, we do not take a one size fits all approach, as we find that this does not work for most. Some clients have specialist treatment needs or underlying trauma or social factors that need to be taken into consideration during treatment.

There is no one singular cause for an addiction developing. The causes can range from genetics, to social factors, trauma, underlying mental health conditions, or a drug misuse problem that crossed the line into addiction.

Whatever is the cause of your addiction, we aim to unearth the root causes and provide healing and acceptance. More importantly, we will show you various techniques and tools that will enable you to stay clean and sober after rehab.

Person-Centred Counselling and Treatment

Person centred counselling is an approach used by our counsellors that treats each individual on a personalised basis and as a whole individual.

The counselling that we provide is aimed at challenging and changing the way you think, your behaviours with regards to substances, how you interact socially, your relationships with others, your relationship with yourself, how you deal with emotions and your physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual well being. The other therapies that we deliver are also person centred and very personalised according to your individual treatment needs.

Integrative Counselling

Integrative counselling and therapy is a combined approach to psychotherapy that incorporates specific elements of different styles and types of proven healing talking therapies.

Each of our clients are considered as a whole person, with different needs, socially, intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Their individual circumstances and personality also affect the therapy that we deliver to them.

Our counselling and psychotherapy techniques are specifically tailored to your individual treatment needs and circumstances.
Integrative counselling was born from the belief that no one theory holds a solution for all. All theories and causes of addiction are considered during your treatment. We integrate psychotherapy and counselling in this manner, to ensure that you receive the best addiction treatment available.

Bespoke Addiction Treatment

Our inpatient clients each receive a full care plan that incorporates treatment for all identified needs. We regularly review each of our clients individual progress during one to one’s and care plan reviews, to ensure that we are continuing to meet your treatment goals and that we evolve as do you. Another benefit, is that potential problems to your long term recovery, are quickly identified and addressed through our therapeutic techniques.

Our Addiction Treatment Ethos

We are completely dedicated to helping you to recover from addiction, not just on a short term basis but on a long term continual basis. We are here for you whenever you need us, both during treatment and on completion of treatment.
We understand that addiction is a life threatening disease and that relapse can lead to death. We therefore will do all we can to support you to ensure that does not happen.

We believe that no individual is too far entrenched in their addiction to be able to turn their lives around. At the Lighthouse, we offer a tangible solution that works, even for those that have lost all hope of ever finding recovery or a life that they actually want to live. Many of our staff are evidence of the miracle of recovery and provide much needed inspiration and motivation to many.

We will do all we can to help you to recover from addiction, and we will support you and encourage you each and every single step of the way.

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